Photo: Remi on his new favorite chair. (Newfoundland, NJ)

I’m late!
Finally watching season five of Merlin.

Holy Buttcakes! GWEN! I don’t know if the power is taking over her or she is enchanted! That poor servant girl is going to die! D:

Photo: Stella :3 (East Brunswick, NJ)

... i totally didn't just see snowpiercer...

  • me: so...
  • me: captain america,
  • me: that war doctor from dw
  • me: and tintin walk into a bar...
  • me: ...
  • me: they just blow that shit up and knife like 20 guys
  • me: #fuckyotrain
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Photo: Joe napping with Princess and Remi. (Newfoundland, NJ)

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