Elizabeth, child… I am so sorry.

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Photo: Stella! :3 (East Brunswick, NJ)

So after our first soccer game at the Center Circle, I noticed the scorpions looked like dicks. (Rahway, NJ)

Photo: Met this little guy at work. I was organizing the clothes and saw him in the cart. The first thing I said was, “Hey, little guy” and he popped right up. The owner, who was buying him a blanket, told me he lost his eye when her other two dogs went after his food. She told me how most people find him revolting because of his missing eye. So for about fifteen minutes, I was giving him love and attention while she told me all about him. His name is Gizmo, he’s twelve years old,used to be a therapy dog, loves to be cuddled, he’s amazingly photogenic, and loves going out in public. (Pompton Plains, NJ)

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